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8 April 2014

Guardian's My Date With Beauty 2014

I was eagerly waiting for this makeover event by Guardian ever since I knew about it and it was finally here last weekend held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre at the Ground Floor, Centre Court.

Arrived at 1 Utama (Old Wing) at about 5 minutes to 10:00am and there was already shoppers walking around the concourse area where the event is being held despite that the makeover will only kick-start at 11:00am as stated on the ticket. 

I strolled around the event hall that was surrounded by nicely decorated booths selling mostly beauty products ranging from cosmetics to skin care products and from body care to hair care.  They are all trusted brands in the beauty market like Maybeline, Loreal, Neutrogena, Biore, O'slee, Avene, Bio-Essence and many others who have participated in this makeover event.

At the centre of the hall was the set up for the makeover with quite a number of makeup artists and hairstylists all from A Cut Above Academy getting ready to present their "transformation" skills.

The makeover session actually kicked start slightly earlier than as scheduled with some participants already escorted in including me while many others queuing up for the collection of goodies bag just right at the side before the main entrance into the event hall.

My Date With Beauty - Firstly, I was cordially "invited" to be seated and asked to choose my preferred hairstyle for the day from the Guardian Makeover Hairstyle Menu.  Since I'm having straight hair with no style all these years, I opt for the sexy big curl (*wink*) from the long hairstyle category (the one in the middle...nice?).

Hair transformation in process...........  

and after just a mere 10-15 minutes, I was done with my new hair style and continued with the "painting session" but some how or rather I was not asked to select the type of make-up despite there is also a menu for the make-up part, maybe because obviously I can only go for the "Glam Make-up" other wise I'll look even more 'cacat' or pale with the "Nude Make-up".  

Now, "painting" in process.......

(Drum roll.....)  A before and after.

Not so clear?  Alright, here's a better shot from the ready photo booth.

Any comment?  Well, I mean the event.  Overall, I think it was yet another successful event organized by Guardian ever since the first one that was held back in Year 2008, if I'm not mistaken. 

I strongly believed that those who have gone for the makeover, including myself, had a very enjoyable time being pampered and transformed into a new look; while for those passes-by, I think they too enjoyed their shopping over those crazy deals offered by all the participating brands.

Is not the end yet.  All participants will also stand a chance to win a designer bag worth above RM1,000/- by joining the following two contests which are currently running by Guardian in-conjunction with the beauty event.

1.  Guardian My Date with Beauty PhotoBox Contest (5 April 2014 to 30 April 2014)

Step 1
Participants are required to be at the on ground PhotoBox location to get their photos taken.
Step 2
Pose creatively with any props including the Guardian logo.
Step 3
Log on to Guardian Malaysia’s Facebook page and browse for your entry at the PhotoBox Contest Photo Album.
Step 4
Tag yourself on the photo and make it your profile photo until the contest

2. Guardian "What makes me beautiful" Instagram Contest (02 April 2014 - 30 April 2014)

So, what are you beauties waiting for? Quickly log in, follow all those very simple steps and be on your way to bring home a designer bag.

But for those of you who have missed out this funfilled event, dont' feel bad.  Just stay tune with Guardian as I believe that there will be more to come.

Guardian Malaysia Official Website
Guardian Malaysia Facebook Page


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