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10 June 2014

I Eat Burgers @ Padang Timur PJ

The biggest burger event was in town last Saturday, 07 June 2014 at Padang Timur Petaling Jaya with more that 20 top burger sellers in the Klang Valley gathered all at one strategic place right opposite Amcorp Mall.  This whole day event that started from 11:00am right up to 11:00pm was organized by

I reached there at about 1:30pm and the place was already crowded with hundreds of burger lovers queuing up for their favourite bite size burger despite under the scorching hot sun with a burning temperature of at least 38C and above.  

Without wasting much time, I hurried up to the 'Event Mechandise & Coupons" booth to purchase my book of coupon.  Oh yes, in this food celebration event, they are using the coupon system just like what we had on our 'Hari Kantin' back during our school days.  The booklet of coupons was sold at RM20.00 containing 10 coupons of RM2.00 each to exchange for your burger from any of the participating sellers.

And now my turn to stand under Mr. Sun queuing up for those tempting burgers but before that, it was really not an easy task to decide which one to try as there were so many of them and being a 'kiasu' person, I always go for the one that has the longest queue and at that point in time was MyBurgerLab from Seapark outlet.

During such event, only selected menu of burger will be sold and I believed it should be their best-selling burgers.  And for MyBurgerLab, they have selected two to sell which is the (1) Say Cheese, (2) SwissTake and (3) Elvis.  For Elvis, they are only selling it during the evening time from 9:00pm to 11:00pm.

Frankly, I have not tried out MyBurgerLab and hence, I have no idea if these are their best-selling burgers but it was so yummylicious.

Next, I moved on to the second longest queue (macam I love to queue-up saja) which is the Big Hug Burger. 

Thought of trying out their famous Big Hug Burger but unfortunately, it was already sold out when my turn comes :(  hence, I tried their Satay Burger which is equally tasty and yummy.

There were many many more that I wanted to try like the Kaw Kaw Burger that also having equally long queue but due to some reasons, I just managed to try two out of the following participating burger 'stores'.

(1) Bob Republic Burger
(2) Burger Bakar Abang Burn
(3) Burger Junkyard
(4) Steam N Grill Burger
(5) Kak Ana Green Apple
(6) Man Burger Kukus Lava
(7) Mike's Burger Grill Celup
(8) Lee Burger Baked Beans
(9) Master Burger Abang John
(10)Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill
(11)Usop Burger Celup
(12)Raja Burger
(13)Smashies Burger
(14)Yazid Burger
(15)Om Burger
(16)Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar
(17)Mustafa Jones Burger
(18)The Burger Shop SS15 Subang Jaya

For burger lovers who would like to try out the rest of their recipes in the menu by visiting any of the participating burgers seller, I am sure they have gotten themselves a copy of The Burger Lovers Handbook that was specially printed and available for sale during the event selling at RM5.00. 

Besides burger tasting, there were also other fun activities being lined up throughout the day like Kids Colouring Contest, Burger Patty Making Contest, Burger Eating Contest and also the Fastest Burger Assembly Contest.

For more information on I Eat Burgers, please do visit 

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