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10 June 2014

Nestlé® Bliss Supermarket Sweep Contest

I don't really fancy dairy food such as yogurt and or yogurt drinks until when I suddenly craved for it so much during my second pregnancy that you can actually see me holding on to a huge bottle of yogurt drink most of the time especially in my 2nd and 3rd semester.  And since then, I got hooked to it until today.

Do you know that yogurt/yogurt drink is actually recommended during pregnancy as it contain probiotics that promote healthy gastrointestinal function that helps to prevent constipation which is one of the most common side effects in almost every pregnant women. 

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Besides the above mentioned, consuming yogurt and or yogurt drinks also health benefit us in the following ways.

(1) Help Prevent Osteoporosis

(2) Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure
(3) Promote healthy gastrointestinal function
(4) Help You Feel Fuller and eat lesser

So, if you are one of the many health-conscious people but yet to try out this full of good bacteria drinks, then I'm sure you'll love it and make it a daily habit of having a yogurt a day.  And to all yogurt and yogurt drinks lovers, here I have got a good news to share - 
Nestlé® Bliss Supermarket Sweep contest is back with a boom again for the 2nd year where you stand a chance to go for a 8 MINUTES of SUPERMARKET SWEEP grabbing and putting whatever you want into your shopping cart and is ALL YOURS FOR FREE.



Buy any of the following Nestlé® Chilled Dairy products that will give you the respective number of entries with the Proof of Purchase.  

Nestlé® Bliss® Yogurt Drink 200g  =  1 Entry
Nestlé® Bliss® Yogurt Drink 700g  =  2 Entries 
Nestlé® Bliss® Yogurt Drink 700g Triple Pack  =  7 Entries
Nestlé® Fat Free Yogurt 135g  =  1 Entry
Nestlé® Fat Free Yogurt 135g Cluster 6  =  6 Entries
Nestlé® Natural Set Yogurt 470g  =  3 Entries
Nestlé® Natural Set Yogurt 1.4kg  =  8 Entries
Nestlé® Greek Yogurt 135g  =  2 Entries
Nestlé® Greek Yogurt 470g  =  5 Entries
Nestlé® Smooth & Fruity Yogurt 470g  =  5 Entries


Go to Nestlé® Bliss Supermarket Sweep Facebook page at 3 simple questions and fill in the form accordingly before submission.


Submission of contest form can be done either via on-line at (please refer to Step 2or by snail mail to the following address. 

Nestlé Bliss Supermarket Sweep
Peti Surat 8812, Pejabat POS Kelana Jaya,
46798 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

Meanwhile, do also take note of the following: 

  • Winners will be contacted on a weekly basis
  • Remember to keep your Proof of Purchase until being announced a winner
  • Only one (1) receipt per submission will be entertained
  • Proof of Purchase must be within the contest period (01 May 2014 to 09 July 2014)
Isn't it as easy as ABC.  Just only 3 simple steps and you stand a chance to win yourself 8 MINUTES of FREE SHOPPING, so what are you waiting for?  Hurry up before the contest ends on 09 July 2014.

 For more information, please do visit

Nestlé Bliss Facebook Page :

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