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17 July 2014

Eat Well, Live Well with TruDtox

When comes to detoxification, I believed that it is nothing new since centuries back but do you truly understand what detoxification is?

In order not to make things too complicated, detoxification simply means cleansing your internal system to remove those health threatening toxic that every human being on earth exposed to every seconds.  From the yummylicious food that we consume every meal, the polluted air that we breathe in and out, water that we drink and even things that we used daily actually contains pesticides and or chemicals that can leads us to many serious health problem.

Hence, it is definitely necessary for everyone of us to 'clean' ourselves from inside out and to minimize the risk of getting all those unwanted health issues.  Despite the fact that our body has the natural detoxification system to eliminate toxins on its own but with our current lifestyle, we are exposing to way more toxins than before; furthermore these heavy build-up of toxins in our body have overloaded our detoxification organ.

For your information, our colon is the main waste disposal system in our body and it takes averagely 8 to 10 hours for the food the we consumed to reach the colon but when toxins are trapped and accumulated in our colon, it will then slowed down our bowel transit time causing minor health concerns.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are always signs of toxicity like headaches, constipation, overweight, tummy bloatness, gastrointestinal upset, tiredness, skin problems and or even aches and pains.

There are many ways of detoxification and thanks to LiveLife Sdn. Bhd., I was given the opportunity to review a Switzerland based product - TruDtox tea that not only help us to 'wash' out the accumulated toxins in our body but also other health benefits as follows:


  1. Flush away toxins, waste and pollutants from our body
  2. Relieve digestive discomforts and improve digestion
  3. Promote normal functions of our body's detox organs 
  4. Promote regularity
  5. Promote better absorption of nutrients
  6. Promote health, vitality and energy
  7. Improve metabolism
  8. Strengthen immune system

TruDtox, pronounced as Tru-D-tox is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and also for strengthening our body's detoxification organs.  It works gently and does not contain any harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency.
TruDtox is specially formulated for safe, gentle and regular use strictly based on the following:

  • NO Senna
  • NO Dependency
  • European Herbs
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) Food Classification 
  • Gentle 

This multi-award-winning detox tea that remains the consumers' top choice when talking about safe detoxification has now come in two formulas - TruDtox ThermoG and TruDtox Original.  The difference between TruDtox ThermoG and TruDtox Original is the earlier one comes with an added thermogenic benefit that also helps you to reduce your tummy fat.

But what I am going to review would be the TruDtox Original that also helps to relieve my tummy bloat besides detoxifying.

TruDtox Original comes in hygienically pack sachets of tea bag in a nicely designed packaging with a security sticker that says - "Do Not Accept If This Seal Is Broken" mainly to ensure the quality and safety-used of its product.

Frankly, this is my first time going through a so called detoxification program and so far, I don't face any problem instead I can gradually feel the changes in my body after started off with the first sachet of TruDtox Original on the 10th of July 2014.

In terms of preparation, it is even more easier than brewing a cup of coffee at home as all you need to do is remove the tea bag from the sachet, put it in your cup/mug, pour in the hot water and soak it for about 20-30 minutes before drinking.  Please do take note that the effect may vary due to water temperature and also brewing duration.

I had it in the morning after breakfast and just before noon, I started to experience slight stomach discomfort and this is mainly because I'm a virgin.....I mean I am new to such detox tea. However, the stomach ache does not last long before I had the urge of bowel movement and after that, everything back to normal.

And on the second and third day, I did the same and had a cup of TruDtox Original in the morning but this time round only had a minor urge of bowel movement minus off the stomach discomfort as compared to the first time.  I brewed one sachet per day continuously for 5 days and by 15th of July, not only that I have regularized my 'toilet time' but also feel much lighter in terms of weight and more energetic when doing my daily task.

But what most benefits me is my tummy no longer feel bloated even after a heavy meal and my waist line has also reduced slightly.  As you can see, I purposely wear the same top in case the thickness of the other outfit affects the measurement (*wink*)

In terms of taste as the old folk says, "...healthy/good food normally don't taste good as compared to junk food" but surprisingly, TruDtox Original is not as bad as what I thought instead I quite like the mild herbal taste and also the fragrance of the tea.  (My personal tips - it taste much better when it is taken hot/warm) 

My overall comment as a first timer is quite positive as it does proven with results and one can really feel the different after drinking it just for a mere 1 week.  Hence, I strongly believed that if I continued drinking TruDtox Original (obviously, I will), my health will improve even further.

Despite I have yet to try any other detox product but TruDtox Original is definitely highly recommended especially when I truly understand the important of detoxification.

Both TruDtox ThermoG and TruDtox Original is available at most leading pharmacies at a retail price of RM29.50 for a pack of 5 sachets or RM88.50 for a Jumbo Pack of 15+2 Free sachets.

For more information, please do visit the following sites:

TruDtox Official Website @
LiveLife Official Website @

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