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16 July 2014

Laneige Water Bank Challenge

Do you have dry and or dehydrated skin? And do you know that dry and dehydrated skin is actually two different thing? For the benefits of those who hardly differentiate the two, dry skin is actually one of the skin type besides the normal, oily and combination skin whereas dehydrated skin is your skin condition.  Hence, even oily skin can also be dehydrated.

And what are the effects of dehydration?  Wrinkles and fine lines, premature ageing, loss of elasticity, rough skin texture and feeling tight after every wash even itchiness are some of those problems arising from dehydration.  Therefore, it is very important for us to keep our skin hydrated at all times.

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Laneige is one brand that I don't need to elaborate more as it has been well known in the market since it was born in 1994.  But what I wanted to highlight in this post is that Laneige has recently added in yet another new product into their Water Bank range of skin care under the moisturizing series.

Water Bank range of skin care is specially formulated to moisturize dehydrated skin with 8X stronger moisturizing power.  The 'secret recipe' behind was the following four main ingredients that play an important role in regulating our skin moisture of which were carefully selected, ionized and stabilized in water to form.

Especially the Hydro Ion Mineral Water that will swiftly penetrates into our skin to awaken dormant moisturizing genes in the depths of the skin, reactivating our skin's natural ability to generate and retain its moisture.

And the Water Bank range of products consist of the following:
  1. Water Bank Moisture Cream_Ex (50ml)
  2. Water Bank Eye Gel (25ml)
  3. Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask (5 sheets)
  4. Water Bank Gel Cream_EX (50ml)
  5. Water Bank Essence_EX (60ml) New

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX, the Asia No. 1 Moisturizing Essence infuses our skin with mineral-rich moisture that swiftly penetrates to instantly relieve dry skin and or repair skin damage for a smoother and suppler skin that lasts us a full 24 hours.

With one of its 'secret recipe' ingredients, Tilandsia Extract that rich in Betaine of which contains a natural moisturizing factor that actually helps to optimize our skin moisture balance.

Can't wait to try this miracle bottle of aqua source out to rescue your dehydrated skin?  You can now participate in their Water Bank Challenge and stand a chance to win a full set of Water Bank items (full size) that worth RM510.  

How to participate?  Just go to HERE, click on Play to register yourself by submitting your personal particulars and then proceed from there. 

It is very easy as all you need to do is to burst as many water bubbles as you can in the 60 seconds time frame given. (Personal Tips: It's much easier and faster playing it with touch-screen machines than using the mouse)

In between there are also some moisture bubbles that will earn you different points than others depending on their content as per the follows.

The more points you gathered in a challenge will of course stand you a higher chance of wining and you can actually check your ranking for the weekly prize by clicking in to the Leaderboard.

But please bear in mind that each player/participant is only entitled to 3 Lives per Day and hence, if you failed to climb higher in the ranking and or maintain yourself at the top within 3 challenges on that particular day, then you will have to wait till the next day before you can play again.

However, you can always increase your game live by sharing and inviting your friends to join in the challenge as for every successful invited friend to join the game will automatically earn you an extra chance to play.  So, better play smart and invite more friends to join the game.

In terms of prizes, as earlier mentioned, the Grand Prize would be a full size set of Water Bank products that worth RM510,

while for the weekly prize winner will walk away with Laneige Essential Care Travel set that worth RM129.

For your information, the first Weekly Prize winner for the first week challenge has already been announced and is now left only 3 more weeks to go. So, what are you waiting for?  Join me right after this to go for the 2nd Week challenge.

For more information on Laneige products, please do visit the following sites:

Laneige Official Website @

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