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8 July 2014

Sun Off A Beach Sunblocks by HiShop

Outdoor activities is always good especially when you are having kids in their active years in between 4 to 12 years old.  But taking into consideration of the tropical climate in our country, too much exposure to the sun will also put us at risks of developing various skin problems like sun-burn, premature aging of our skin and or even worst, skin cancer in long term.  Hence, it is very important to get ourselves well protected from the different types of harmful ultraviolet rays while enjoying the nature of earth.
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There are many ways to protect ourselves from these UV rays but I always opt for sunscreen for a 'fuller' coverage.  

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Sharing with you one of a reliable brand of sunscreen - Sun Off A Beach sunblocks that were created with care to protect our skin from the sun's harmful rays quite effectively.  Made with ceramides, Sun Off A Beach sunblocks also keep our skin hydrated while maintaining firmness and healthiness.  Besides, it is also paraben-free, paba-free, oil-free and water resistant.

Sun Off A Beach sunblocks that can be used on our face and also body came in a range of 4 which consist of the following that are suitable for all skin types.

1.  Sun Off A Beach Anti Aging SPF 50 (Available: 50gm/100gm)
Contains ceramides that are critical components of our skin barrier to not only keep pathogens out, but also to keep moisture in. This hydration is necessary to allow cellular turnover while keeping our skin healthy and vibrant. It also maintains the firmness of the skin.

2.  Sun Off A Beach Kids SPF 50 (Available: 50gm/100gm)
Milk protein which functions to revitalize sun-dried skin by helping to restore brightness, clarity and improve texture. It also reinforces cutaneous elasticity and softness.

3.  Sun Off A Beach Sensitive SPF 50 (Available: 50gm/100gm)
Cucumber extract contains Vitamin E which helps cool and hydrate sensitive skin and also cleanses toxins off skin.

4.  Sun Off A Beach Sports SPF 50 (Available: 50gm/100gm)
Moisturizing Shea Butter
+ Hexylresolcinol that helps to lighten dark spots while promoting a smooth and even skin tone. 

I am currently using the Sun Off A Beach Anti Aging SPF 50 that also helps me to maintain the firmness of my skin.

Its milky white lotion gives me a very smooth and comfortable feel after applying minus off the stickiness of which I dislike in most of the sunblocks of other brands.  And the other plus point that I love about this tube of sunscreen is it's very mild scented.

Here is the "Before and After" of the sunblock application and I am sure you will see the different which is quite obviously shown.  My skin is dry and dull but after applying just a thin layer of the Sun Off A Beach Anti Aging SPF 50 sunblock, it looks and feel so much hydrated.

And in terms of effectiveness, here is another picture of my skin showing the after-effect of "With and Without" applying the Sun Off A Beach sunblock during two separate outdoor activities that I had last weekend.  As you can see very clearly that my skin as captured in the second picture is slightly red whereby the first is still looking good even not as moist as when I first applied the sunblock.

Never take risk when comes to your health and do invest in a good tube of sunblock that actually won't cost you much but will save you from getting any serious skin problems or worst, skin cancer especially if you are one who loves outdoor activities.  

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For more information on Sun Off A Beach range of sunblocks, please do check it out over HERE and for future updates on HiShop new products and or events, just follow the simple steps below and you'll never miss it again.

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