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8 August 2014

{Event} - "Be Pimple Free" with Himalaya

Himalaya, a recognized global pioneer and leader in the use of modern science in the development of herbal products is introducing its Neem range of products and thanks to The Butterfly Project, I was given the opportunity to attend an eye-opening event exclusively hosted by Himalaya on last Saturday at Fuwa Fuwa in The School, Jaya One.

Today, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare products were endorsed by more than 300,000 doctors around the globe with consumers all over 80 countries relying on Himalaya to satisfy their health and personal care needs.

Have you heard of Neem tree?  Neem tree or Semambu in Malay is a plant in the mahogany family that grows in tropical and semi-tropical areas.  Do you know that every part of this ancient tree has therapeutic properties, be it the leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots and even its bark can be used for treatment of inflammation, infection, fever, skin diseases and also dental disorders?

And the event actually started off with an introduction of this miracle plant by Ms. Shireen from the PR & Communications of Himalaya as it is one of the main ingredients used in their Neem range of products.

Neem leaves combines antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that creates a holistic remedy against acne and pimples of which is a complex medical condition.

For centuries, crushed neem leaves have been used to treat acne and improve skin texture.
Alternatively dried neem leaves are grounded to find powder, mixed with water and applied to skin
but this definitely sounds tiresome and too complicated.

After the briefing, Ms. Shireen actually challenged the bloggers to taste the pounded neem leaves mixed with turmeric powder which is also one of the ingredients used in the products.

Rani, one of the three Dare Devils who volunteered to take up the challenge helps in pounding the leaves using the traditional 'lesung batu'.  And everyone became very excited.


.. and 123 Go.  Well, as you can see from the below "Before and After" photos, the original taste of neem leaves really reflects on their face.

After the Fear Factor session, next was the main course of the event which is the products briefing clearly presented by Ms. Denise.

Himalaya Neem range of products is specially formulated to treat acne problem and improve the skin texture.  This range of products catered not only for skin care but also body care and supplement as below listed.

  1. Himalaya Neem & Almond Protecting Lotion
  2. Himalaya Protecting Neem and Turmeric Body Wash
  3. Himalaya Protecting Neem and Turmeric Soap 
  4. Himalaya Neem Caps 
  5. Himalaya Dental Cream Toothpaste

But in this event, we are more into the skin care category targeting acne prone skin which consist of the following products.

HIMALAYA PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH is a soap free herbal face wash that not only removes impurities but also prevents pimples as it contains Neem and Turmeric that helps in controlling pimples by eliminating acne-causing bacteria, leaving our skin clearer and softer. Besides, this newly improved facial wash is also Parabens, SLS/SLES free.

HIMALAYA PURIFYING NEEM FACE SCRUB, a specially formulated scrub that give you clear, problem-free skin as it works with a dual exfoliation and purifying action. Combined with exfoliating Apricot granules, it gently scrubs away blackheads, dead skin cells and embedded impurities, leaving skin soft, refreshed and most important, problem-free.

HIMALAYA NEEM FACE PACK is actually the mask that helps to clean pores thoroughly, rejuvenates and firms up the skin effectively.  Same as the other products in the neem range, it contains neem with the antibacterial properties and turmeric eliminating acne causing bacteria while Fuller's Earth cools and soothes the skin.

HIMALAYA DEEP CLEANSING ASTRINGENT LOTION or the toner that reduces oil secretion and keeps our skin oil-free to effectively prevent pimple breakouts.  It gently but thoroughly deep cleans the pores and removes excess oil to keep our facial skin clean and refreshed.

After a very informative session on the introduction of the Neem range of products, it was then time for another round of excitement.  Each and everyone of us were given a piece of nicely baked 'Christmas Tree' cut-out shape butter cookie and was asked to decorate it as creative as we can either using the provided water-colours or the Himalaya Neem range of products for example the Purifying Neem Pack.  That's not all, we were also asked to come out with an interesting story behind our masterpiece and share it at the end of the session.      

Despite that everyone was quite tension at first but the end results was really awesome.  Don't you think these cookies are so nicely and creatively decorated? Any idea which is mine?    

Even the story telling part of it is very innovative.

There were altogether six prizes given out for this session - three prizes went to the most creative cookies decorated and another three to the best story teller.

The whole event was very fun filled with laughter from every participants especially during the Fear Factor time when the three beautiful ladies were asked to try out the neem leaves orally.    

Later I will also do a review on the Himalaya Neem range of products, so do stay tuned.

But if you can no longer wait to "Be Pimple Free" after reading this post, you can always check out the following links for more information on Himalaya Neem range of products.


  1. It was nice meeting u at the event! Hope to see u again soon. :)


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