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25 February 2014

AEON 30th Anniversary & iButterfly Asia Application

20th of February 2014 marked a historical day for AEON when they celebrated the company's 30th Anniversary at AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Klang. 

In conjunction with this anniversary celebration, there will be numerous interesting activities organized by AEON for this whole year-long, themed "A New Beginning With You" and one of it is the launching of an interactive mobile application called iButterfly Asia.

With this iButterfly Asia App, one can 'catch' the best shopping deals and enjoy greater offers from AEON storewide.  And as reported by the media, this butterfly is assimilated into AEON’s 30 years anniversary to signify rebirth and change for the better.
How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Search and download the FREE iButterfly Asia App and start the application

Step 2 - You will see 4 main icons at the bottom - Map, Catch, Collection & Information.
Use the 'Map' to see if there are butterflies in your area. 
A flower icon appears on the Map screen when there are butterflies being spotted. 

Step 3 - Then proceeds to 'Catch' and you will see butterflies swinging around.  
Aim it and slightly shake your mobile phone to catch the butterflies.

Step 4 - After you have caught a butterfly, tap on the button that appears on your screen to add it to your collection.  You can always view the results from the 'Collection' icon. 

Last but not least, to know further on how to use the application, just go to 'Information' for a step-by-step tutorial.

And for other information on offers, sales and activity updates, please visit

Better act fast before you miss out any of the 'Colourful Butterflies' deals and

See you in AEON!!


  1. interesting site you have here. Have followed you :).. thanks for sharing this

  2. Thanks, Isaac. I like your blog too, very informative. Hopefully that we can meet one find day.

  3. Yes Sherry, my boy loves it.


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