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8 September 2014

Malaysia Jumbo Queen 2014 Audition

Who said 'plus-sized' people can't take part in beauty contest and be as gorgeous as any other pageants?  Let me introduced to you Hazra Ghazali, the Malaysia Jumbo Queen 2013 Champion. Despite weighing at 94kg at that point in time but that doesn't stop her from materializing her dream to be a beauty pageant standing confidently on the stage right in front of hundreds of audience.  Same goes to Ms. Sabrina Jane Anthony and also Ms. Rachel Brooke, the 1st and 2nd Runner-Ups respectively.

Photo Credits: The Star Online

So, if you happened to know some one or even yourself who have been hiding behind doors all these years mainly due to your appearance in terms of weight, then is now time for you to step out from your 'room' and join the world of real beauty.

The Malaysia Jumbo Queen 2014 Pageant is back again for the fourth consecutive year since 2010. That's why I said now is time to flaunt your best and earn yourself a title besides all the fabulous prizes to be won.

Registration is now open and for those of you who have 'heated up' and can't wait to take up the challenge, quickly read through my post till the end for more information before submitting your application.


Gender:  Female (Only)
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital: Single or Married Ladies
Age: 18 Years and Above
Weight: Minimum 80kg and above

Once you fulfill all the above requirements, then click HERE to submit your registration form. Please take note that all on-line registration forms must be submitted before the deadline on 17 October 2014.   

Next comes the Audition part which is compulsory.  The Audition has already kicked start on 18 August 2014 up to 17 October 2014 and you are required to call Code Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. to fix an appointment for the Audition from Monday to Friday between 11am to 5pm.

Code Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. 
Ms. Cindy Leong @ 012-235 2132
Ms. Yannie @ 017-626 1078
Mr. Frankie Koay @012-302 3544 or 
Office General Line @ 03-9281 1303

The contestants will be judged based on their stage personality, confidence, crowd response, apparel and also overall performance who will go through the first two rounds of selection on the 1st and 2nd November 2014 before moving on to the Semi-Final on 9th November 2014 and finally the Crowning Night on 23rd November 2014.

Over RM21,000/- worth of prizes are to be won ranging from cash, shopping vouchers, beauty products, trophy and many more.

There are 7 titles to be won in this beauty pageant which are as follow:

Miss Jumbo Queen 2014 Champion
1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up
Most Talented Award
MYFM Most Popular Award 
Most Online Votes on Facebook Award 
Most Votes on Magnum Application Award

Apart from the honorable judges who decide the winners, fans of the Jumbo Queen 2014 contestant and or finalist can also support their friend and or favourite contestant by casting their votes via the following methods.

Vote via Magnum Application
  • Download the Magnum 4D Live Mobile Application from HERE to start voting
  • Voting for the 1st and 2nd Categories will kick start from 27th October to 1st November 2014
  • Voting for the Semi-Final will starts from 3rd November to 8th November 2014
  • Voting for the Final will starts from 10th November to 22nd November 2014
  • All votes submitted via Magnum 4D Live Mobile Application will contribute 10% of the total marks for each category.

Vote via Facebook 
  • Go to Sungei Wang Plaza金河广场 Facebook page
  • Voting Period starts from 11th November to 22 November 2014
  • Contestant with the most votes will win the Most Online Votes on Facebook Award 

For more information on the Malaysia Jumbo Queen 2014, click into the following site

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