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29 April 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Workshop

Nowadays when we mentioned about HD (High Definition), one will automatically think of various electronics items that currently selling in the market especially the HD TV.  But do you know that in the world of cosmetic, there are also HD products?
Thanks to Ashley Yeen for given me the opportunity to attend the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Make-up Workshop that was recently held at MUFE Pro Boutique, Level 2 of Sephora Starhill Kuala Lumpur.

Before I moved on to what HD makeup is, let me just do an introduction of the host and continues from there. 


MUFE was created in year 1984 by Dany Sanz and her husband, Jacques Waneph with their first boutique opened in Paris.

With her passion and aggresiveness, the brand is present in around 30 countries by year 1990 with her first foreign department store opened in South Korea in year 1988 and by year 2011, there are more than 1,250 points of sale including departmental stores, exclusive boutiques and salons in more than 50 countries worldwide.


The built up of the boutique is just a normal size shoplot but their makeup products that are so nicely and  neatly displayed will definitely amazed you.  There are so many variaties of makeups with different range of products that suits all skin tone and also the accessories including high quality of makeup brushes.  You Name It, They Have It!!   


The whole makeup workshop was conducted by one of the MUFE makeup artist, Ms. Angeline.  She is very friendly and nice lady with many years of experience in the industry.  After an introduction of herself, she then briefly explained to us that basically HD makeup products contain type of reflective particles that actually reflects light to the surface of our skin created a soft focus effect causing the makeup to be sheerer while at the same time hiding uneven skin texture including fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

After google searched, I further understand that HD makeup is often made to moisturize because makeup can settle into cracks and creases of dry skin. The hydration also plumps up dry skin making wrinkles and lines less noticeable.

The whole range of HD products together with all the necessary accessories were already nicely placed on the makeup table for us to 'experiment'.

Firstly, we were taught how to choose the right shades that matches our skin tone perfectly in order to make us look even more radiant and when everyone has got their bottle of makeup base which is the MUFE HD Primer, she then demonstrated the correct way of applying it on her model using a brush.

Meanwhile she also advised those who have dry skin to apply a layer of the HD Elixir which is a hydrating serum before the makeup base and or even mix it with the HD Primer for a more hydrated makeup base.

She then showed us how to smoothen the foundation using makeup sponge other than the brush before topping up with the HD Pressed Powder then followed by the blusher and lip colour.

Last but not least, we completed our makeup with a spray of the light and comfortable MUFE Mist & Fix to seal and keep our makeup in place.

And's the Before and After picture of our pretty model of the day.



Despite this workshop lasted only 2-3 hours but I have learned a lot firstly knowing what HD makeup product is and also the correct way of applying it.  Other than that, it is so nice to meet up with some of the fellow bloggers for the very first time and had so much fun and laughter throughout the whole session.

And here are some of the shots taken for the album.

From Left: Ms. Angeline & Me

From Left: Me & Ashley Yeen
Group Photo


With today's HD technology even in the world of beauty, every woman can now enjoy a perfect, natural and flawless complexion.  MUFE HD range of products uses innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup.

Photo Source: MUFE

MUFE HD Elixir is a unique serum providing instant and long-lasting hydration to the skin (+520% after 15 min).  Specifically designed to prepare the skin for HD makeup, its formula hydrates the driest and most marked areas, such as the eye contour and also the mouth's fine lines. 

MUFE HD Primer nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect while creating a protective layer on our skin allowing the foundation to actually glide on much easier and long lasting.  The MUFE HD Primer dries very quickly, allowing our makeup to be applied almost immediately and suits all skin colours as it comes in 6 color-correcting shades and one colorless shade too to rectify all skin imperfections. 

MUFE HD Foundation combines flazless coverage and an extremely natural finish.  The Sericite contained in HD Foundation heightens the diffusion of light and intensifies the glow of the skin.  Enriched with moisturizing agent, HD Foundation moisturizes and prepares the skin for makeup.  Its smooth texture makes it easy to apply and able to cover skin imperfections, while remaining invisbile on-screen and in naked eye.  HD Foundation is available in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones.

MUFE HD Pressed Powder sets makeup and slightly mattifies for a natural luminous finish without a trace of colour.  This unique combination of ingredients with its soft focus effect, instantly fades away the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.  HD Pressed Powder's lightweight, silky texture blends seamlessly and smoothes your skin.

MUFE HD Consealer covers imperfections and creates a 'soft focus' effect around the eye area for a natural, radiant look.  Its soft silicone applicator enables high precision application and it is available in 14 shades to suit every skin tone.

MUFE HD Blush is unlike any other cream of powder blush as its unique formula melts on the skin for an extremely natural flush of colour with a long lasting result.  Its blendable, second skin texture allows for easy controlled application.

For more information on Make Up For Ever cosmetics, please do visit

MUFE Official Website -
MUFE Facebook Page - 


  1. I really loved the HD primer and the Mist & Fix! Should attend more tutorial workshops :) great meeting you, JL!

  2. oh Celeste, me too, love the Mist & Fix. You are already so good in this area, maybe I should attend more :(

    Nice meeting you too and more meetings to come ;)


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