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16 May 2014

Review - MrLens

Being a skeptical person, you will hardly see me going online shopping for stuff especially things that are fragile or easily breaks unless from those reliable cyber merchandisers with high recommendation from friends.  Hence, I have never tried buying any eye-wear online until I came across MrLens. Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for introducing MrLens to me.  And obviously in this post, I'll share my wonderful first-time experience with MrLens for not one but two pairs of lenses. 


Who is MrLens?

MrLens, the largest online contact lens re-seller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe was setup in year 2002 and is now moving fast into Asia.  This dynamic company is dedicated in providing not only their highest quality of services but also the best eye-wear products with most brands name that an eye specialist/doctor would recommends from around the world at the most affordable prices. 


How to Place an Order with MrLens? 

With its user-friendly online interface, even a first-timer like me would never encounter any hiccups starting from signing up an account to confirmation of order.  It is just as easy as ABC.  In order for you to make an online purchase, as usual, you must open an account mainly for tracking purposes. Hence, at the Homepage, click on the 'My Account' button at the top right and continue to register under 'I Am A New Customer' for first-timer or just proceed to 'Log In' if you are an existing customer.

Next, is to create your account by keying-in your particulars in the 'My Account Information' page and once is done, you can start to shop almost immediately.  

When comes to browsing of products, you don't need to scroll up and down from pages to pages looking for the item that you want as all products are already well categorized and clearly listed at the left-hand side on each and every page whereby you will be able to see it at one glance.

The Lenses & Solutions - by Duration of Use

The Lenses & Solutions - by Type of Lens

Type of Glasses

Once you have decided what you want to buy, then add it in to your 'Shopping Cart' and proceed to make payment.  A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address almost immediate to confirm your order.  And in my case, I even received a separate email from 
MrLens on the SAME DAY saying that my order has been shipped with the tracking number given to me for reference.  Don't you agree with me that their services are excellent.


Delivery of Order

The colored lenses that I have ordered arrived safely at my door step on the 2nd of May 2014 of which I think it is pretty fast taking into consideration that 1st of May was a public holiday.  The other thing that I dislike about online shopping is the "waiting time" after placing the order as I had once waited for more than a month before I received my order despite of all the phone calls made and of course, that would be my first and final deal with them. 

Everything was very nicely packed in a zipped lock bag, nothing less or missing from what I have purchased instead I found something extra - is a lollipop, thanks MrLens.  And here's my two boxes of ColourVUE lenses from MrLens.


Overall Comments
  • MrLens Site - Simple and User-friendly
  • Products - Lot of varieties and easy to look for as all eye-wears are well categorized.
  • Services/Respond Time - Efficient and the respond time was pretty fast almost immediate.
  • Delivery of Goods - Fast delivery with the correct item as ordered and zero breakage. 

For more information, please feel free to visit
MrLens Official Website -
MrLens Facebook Page -


  1. nice hehe.. I given mine to my niece to use :D

    1. I'm sure your niece will love it :)


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